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The Janesce Ritual

Hydration, hydration, hydration

Hydration and restorative plant extracts are the foundation for glowing skin. This creates perfect conditions for healthy microbiome activity, pH, and enzyme activity to support cellular regeneration. Your skin builds its natural resilience to daily stress and the passing of time.

How does it work?

Skin does not naturally absorb water. To do this it needs a carrier, something that your skin will absorb easily. The Janesce humidifying ritual brings together water with concentrated liquid herb extracts that your skin will absorb, carrying humidity into the lower layers of your skin.

The ritual begins with soaking

To give your skin the deepest and most transformative hydration treatment, the Janesce humidifying ritual begins with soaking.

In a bowl of warm water add Janesce soaking drops. Immerse the pure cotton Janesce soaking cloth into this liquid treat, lightly squeeze and hold on your face for 10 seconds, breathing deeply. Repeat 3 times.

Layer it

With your skin warmed from the soaking, follow with one of the beautiful Janesce botanical mists to ‘layer’ the hydration treat with more concentrated plant extracts and a light plant protein to hold the humidity.

Absorption time

At this time, you skin is warmed and flush with boosted circulation in the fine capillaries, and pores are relaxed. Absorption is at the optimum and so apply your Janesce nutrient rich elixir and restorative serum.

Lock it in

This ritual emulates the Janesce mantra Wet The Skin And Lock It In™. Hydrating the skin, and then holding in the humidity with serums and lotions creates a layering effect that mimics the natural function of your skin. The pH is balanced encouraging healthy micro-biome activity, making the skin resilient and any disorder is on the path to healing and health.