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Our selection of Ingredients

We understand plants

To bring optimal nutrition to your skin, Janesce understands that your skin will need the complete nutritional profile of each plant. Essential oils offer the fat-soluble vitamins, whereas liquid extracts of plants offer both the water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins plus minerals.

Your skin needs all elements.

Our extraction methods are unique

The Janesce Phyto Nutri-forte method of extraction ensures that each plant extract captures all the nutrients. This time-honoured process creates precious liquids that harness the vitality of each plant.

If we can't grow it, we ethically source it

From our organically and biodynamically certified farm, we grow and harvest all chosen plants that thrive in a climate of hot dry summers, and cool winters. If the climate does not suit, we source them from other organically certified producers in the tropical environs of Australia, or even those harvested from above the snow line in Europe.

To blend and emulsify these precious extracts into lotions and creams we choose Ecocert approved coconut waxes and oils.

Safe choices

With minimal water required in each formula, Janesce is able to stabilise products with a very low percentage of preservatives. Where possible natural choices are made, however, organic substances are very limited on longevity. Research over the years has given us confidence in the use of Phenoxyethanol, and Ethylhexlglycerine.

Our primary focus is always on safety and Janesce continues to research all options for ensuring the life of our skincare.

Cruelty free

No animal is harmed in the making of ingredients, creation of the products or sales into territories.

The standards remain and will be protected into the future.