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Our Farm

Early days

"This isn’t going to work,"

said Ian, Jan’s husband, as they stood with the Real Estate Agent looking over parched land with a derelict cottage and old dairy on a hot January day in 1981.

Walking away from the men, Jan took herself into the paddock amongst the cows and was overwhelmed by a sense of place, somewhere she belonged.

“It’s perfect” Jan had decided emphatically.

Humble beginnings

The soil was good, the climate temperate, and the location pristine. Jan knew that her plants would thrive there. Undaunted by the scale of the work, Claret Ash Farm became Jan’s new project.

A woman with a vision

Driven by her fascination for the potency of compost heaps, liquid manure and biodynamic teas, Jan brought to life a flourishing herb and flower garden.

Over 5 years the farm was transformed into an Organic and Bio-dynamically certified farm and the old dairy was wrestled into a new life as a cosmetic manufacturing facility.

A new path

Jan’s vision was taking shape. In one location she could watch over her plants growing, being harvested, dried, and distilled into essences before finally being created into skin caring products.

Nearly 40 years of soil heritage

Every year since the organic and bio-dynamic farming methods have been practiced at Claret Ash Farm, the soil biodiversity and richness of nutrients has continually improved.

“The worms are the most essential part of making the nutrients available to plants. Since we began composting in the early ’80s, the soil profile has completely changed. Our compost heaps, with the care and love that go into them, are at the centre of this transformation.”

The vibrant colours of the flowers, and strength of foliage in the plants we grow tell the story. The catchphrase from the soil to the skin is a living reality, delivering powerful plant therapy through our skincare.

Wholistic practice

From the rows of nurtured plants to the drying pavilion, bottled essences, and final products waiting for shipment, the Janesce farm is a testament to one woman’s determination to bring wholistic principles to skincare.