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Slow Beauty

Alchemy of time

"I want you to smell this”

Jan has found a bottle of Rose Geranium tincture, dated 1986. Long forgotten at the back of a shelf and assumed to be past its prime. Jan’s daughter is accustomed to random surprises, and this was one of them. The aroma so refined, exquisite, floral but not sweet, a sensory treat.

The alchemy of time had evolved a single extract into something complex, and precious. Like a fine wine, Jan had always held the belief that the Janesce extracts improve with time. For this reason, all Janesce extracts are left to mature for a minimum of 2 years, many times much longer.

Master Blends

Matured single extracts are then selected for the final stage of making Master Blends. Each lotion, serum, cream, elixir, mask, and exfoliant has a unique Master Blend, which are left to mature for a further 12 months.

This three-year time-honoured process is founded on the knowledge that complex chemical reactions continue when the extracts are left to mature in dark bottles. As time passes, more chemical reactions occur.

The result is a Master Blend, rich in complex organic nutrients to nurture skin health.

Janesce was practicing slow beauty concepts long before the term was devised.

“Why can’t you apply the principle of good nutrition for the body, to the health of the skin?”

Jan would often open her speaking engagements with this phrase. To uphold this core belief when formulating, Jan knew it began with capturing the nutritional profile of the plant in extracts and then allowing time to amplify the potency.

Methodology around the Phyto Nutri-forte™ process is unique to Janesce. As the name suggests, it is about harnessing the full value of plant nutrition in fortified liquid extracts. This process begins with the drying of the herbs and flowers and is completed with the creation of the Master Blends.

“You can’t rush nature”

Jan explains as guidelines for the Janesce Phyto Nutri-forte™ process is entrusted to a select few.

In synergy with nature

This slow beauty concept is mirrored in the applied principles of nutrition that work when using Janesce products.

“The skin will absorb the nutrients it needs, and the rest will pass into the bloodstream for the benefit of the body. If the skin is needing vitamin A, so will the body.”

Jan’s Naturopathic principles shine through at the core of the formulating methodologies.

Given the right support and understanding, the skin will correct, heal, and regenerate over time. And in that process, the rewards will reveal themselves with long-lasting skin health and vitality.

"If you hold a rose petal and feel it, you will feel how your skin should feel. It's soft, it's velvety and it's humid." - Jan Smith