Soaking Cloth
AUD $17.00
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Soaking Cloth

AUD $17.00
vegan ethically sourced cruelty free

For your hydrating ritual.


The Janesce secret to healthy skin is "wet the skin and lock it in"™

Soaking is a wonderful way to hydrate and gently exfoliate your skin. The warmth also relaxes the pores encouraging the easy absorption of conditioning plant extracts and lotions.

Soak after cleansing when your skin is clean.

100% Cotton Muslin

100% Cotton Muslin

How to use

  1. Quarter-fill basin with warm water, add 2 shakes of Soaking Drops then immerse Soaking Cloth. Squeeze lightly
  2. Hold cloth over whole face for 10 seconds. Repeat process 3 times


  1. Cloth acts as a mild exfoliant, making your skin feel soft.
  2. Soaking drops aid hydration and improve the absorption of serums, lotions and creams.
  3. Refines pores and helps to prevent congestion.