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Nutrition for the skin

Pioneering concepts

After several years of study on the biochemistry of nutrition in the early 1960s, Jan took the leap of faith and opened her first consultation clinic ‘Beauty through Nutrition’ in 1968.

“Because I had been my first patient, I had already proven the results. I even amazed myself at the changes to my health, so I had conviction that this was the right path”

The idea of looking to nutrition to correct, heal and nurture skin health from within, challenged many. However, clients came through Jan’s door seeking alternative treatments for skin conditions where conventional methodologies had failed them.

Inspired by nature

“Sceptics didn’t stop me, because the results my clients were achieving gave me confidence.”

Jan’s consultation clinic grew as more and more clients sought her out for solutions to their problems.

Her many years as a clinician treating skin conditions, is the foundation of the nutritional programs offered by Janesce today.

Healthy Options+

Founded on the trusted principles of Naturopathy and Jan’s lifetime as a clinician, Janesce has integrated dietary and supplement guides alongside Janesce skincare.

Healthy Options + will help you understand which foods congest or heat your skin, and which vitamins are important for your skin. This knowledge will empower you to make real changes in your skin health and enhance your feeling of wellbeing.

Fresh is best

Janesce believes that fresh is best for sourcing nutrition from our diet and so Healthy Options + offers menu guides selected according to your skin type. There are times however that your body will need extra support and so supplement guides are included as part of your program. The understanding is that the supplements are only required for a limited time.

If you are looking for a boost to general wellbeing, the Janesce ‘7 days of Me’ program offers a gentle detox to reboot energy levels. This program includes a shopping list, daily menu and delicious recipes.

Healthy Options+ or 7 Days of Me are offered as part of the Synergy Experience in stores, or Ask an Expert online.

Synergy Experience

Working on the principle that healthy radiant skin is the Synergy of good nutrition from the inside and outside, we have created our Synergy Experience to bring you a wholistic solution for times when your skin needs some special consideration.

A Janesce skin health consultant will diagnose your skin during the bespoke facial treatment, then create a home care Healthy Options+ program.