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Serenity Cream Renew Trilogy
AUD $95.00

Serenity Cream Renew Trilogy

AUD $95.00
ethically sourced cruelty free

Under stress? We've got the ultimate protection kit. Restore your skin's pH with a gentle cleanser, shield it from electronic blue light all the way down to the dermal layers, and wipe away your makeup with our newest facial oil.


There isn't always a way to avoid experiencing stress. Thankfully, there is something we can do to help our stressed-out skin. Whether you have flawless unicorn skin or are prone to redness, rosacea, or the occasional hormonal breakout, this kit can help you keep your complexion looking its best or address any concerns you may have.

Your new skin-balancing routine
  1. The skin's natural pH is restored after cleansing with a milk-based cleanser like the Balancing Cleansing Milk, creating the ideal environment for subsequent products to penetrate and do their work. Only apply the following products after you've washed and dampened your skin, they will absorb better.

  2. The Balancing Serenity Cream is full of active ingredients that combat oxidative stress, shield it from electronic blue light and keep your skin naturally balanced and healthy. For the best protection for the rest of the day, use it in the morning while your skin is still wet from cleansing.

  3. You can use the *new* Balancing Facial Oil to take off your makeup at night, and as a moisturiser. Its soothing mix of essential oils will leave your skin soft and balanced, ready for the next day.

How to use

  1. Deeply cleanse with the Balancing Cleansing Milk
  2. In the morning apply the Balancing Serenity Cream
  3. In the evening apply the Balancing Facial Oil