Rose Nurture Trilogy
AUD $75.00
Essentials Collection

Rose Nurture Trilogy

AUD $75.00
vegan ethically sourced cruelty free

A nurturing pack to care and protect.


1 x Softening Refresher Mist 50ml

An aromatic treat of Rosewater and organic Rose oil blended to assist your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. Its calming effect will gently soothe and soften dry skin. For best results mist your skin before applying your moisturiser, or any time your skin feels dry or needs soothing.

1 x Softening Hand Lotion 50ml

A light velvety lotion created from organic Rose and herb extracts that absorb easily to keep hands soft. The natural humidifying benefit of Rose relieves dry skin. Enjoy the gentle natural aroma that lingers.

1 x Softening Day Lotion 50ml

A soothing nourishing lotion to control moisture loss from your skin. Blends of two Rose extracts, Marshmallow, Lavender and Calendula assist your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. Ideal as a base under make-up.