The Janesce secret to keeping skin healthy is
to "wet the skin and lock
it in".™

This mirrors the natural activity of your sweat and oils glands and with Janesce beautiful active plant extracts, helps to keep your skin soft, clear and healthy.

Our routine:

skin secrets
Skin Secrets

The Janesce secret to keeping skin healthy is to mirror the natural activity of your skin. This is about the balance between sweat glands that help to keep your skin hydrated and oil glands to keep your skin soft and protected from environmental conditions.

Beautiful hydrating Janesce mists and the Janesce soaking ritual maintain hydration on the surface of your skin while the liquid herbs absorb deep in to the lower layers to condition and retain humidity in and around the cells.

Janesce moisturisers, rich in organic plant extracts are applied over damp skin after misting or soaking to ‘lock in’ humidity while the fine nut and seed oils melt into the skin to nurture, soften and protect.

From this simple principle ‘wet the skin and lock it in’ ™ comes the mantra for all Janesce skin care rituals. And the rewards are improved skin texture, a more even complexion as balance is restored, and a velvety softness that stays with you throughout the day.

When the skin is healthy, new cell growth is encouraged and premature ageing slows.

By creating the correct nutritional balance for your skin with organic plant extracts, Janesce applies the same principles as internal nutrition. This belief is supported with Janesce lifestyle and vitality programs that guide you through dietary menus to give your skin internal support. You will look good and feel even better.