The Janesce philosophy for keeping skin healthy is to mirror the natural activity of your skin.

Our routine:

Skin Secrets


This is a conditioning step to rebalance and awaken your skin, encouraging direct skin hydration and deep absorption of herbal actives. This is achieved by the Janesce soaking method, concentrates and mists.

STEP 1: Condition


In the morning you are encouraged to soak your skin with water and plant essences (Janesce Soaking Drops). This step is vital and offers your skin many benefits. Soaking gently rinses away impurities, encourages direct skin hydration and maximises your skin's ability to absorb the plant's active ingredients, supporting your natural protection.

Apply Concentrates (only if required)

The Janesce conditioning herbal concentrates give you a similar benefit by simple application on to damp skin. For maximum results apply after soaking. The concentrates absorb quickly in to the lower layers of the skin to correct any imbalance and support healthy skin function.

STEP 2: Hydrate

Follow with our Hydrating mists to refresh and soften. After soaking the skin, or applying your conditioning concentrate, spray your mist onto the still-damp skin, providing it with a soothing and hydrating boost while the gentle floral and plant extracts help to condition the skin and maintain its natural healthy balance. This hydration process eliminates the need for toners. Your skin is being conditioned gently by the plant extracts and the benefits of hydration. Your skin will feel soft, clear and healthy.


Application of a serum and moisturizer while the skin is damp 'locks in' the humidity therefore aiding deep, effective skin hydration to keep your skin feeling soft and velvety throughout the day.

STEP 3: Restore

Application of a restorative serum assists regeneration of cell growth and replenishes the skin. The benefits of the "wet the skin" phase are preserved with the immediate application of a serum.

STEP 4: Moisturise

While the skin is still damp with the liquid herb extracts and serum, apply a small amount of moisturiser. Also by applying a moisturiser while the skin is damp means that less product is required to cover the area and the absorption is quicker. For this reason all Janesce moisturisers are concentrated and so a little goes a long way. The complex blends of many organic plant extracts in each product gives your skin the nutrients and support it needs to keep it healthy and slow the ageing process.

Other points of difference in the Janesce Range are:

The gentle water-soluble cleansers are used only once a day, to remove the daily build up of pollutants and makeup.

If you have need to refresh the texture of your skin you may prefer a more thorough cleanse in the morning, the Janesce gentle exfoliants are recommended. They gently remove the dead cell layer and treat your skin with the organic extracts. These plant extracts penetrate deep to rebalance your oil glands, and help to correct areas that maybe oily or congested.

Perhaps the most important point of difference is that the Janesce philosophy encourages you to take time for yourself. This is your time; enjoy it.

Janesce helps you achieve ultimate skin results. You look good and feel good too. You will notice the difference.