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Sweet mix options

There is no need to deny ourselves some sweet delights. However we cannot delude you to think that here are recipes for a wonderful chocolate fondant, Tira misu, or strawberry cheesecake. Sadly no...however we have found some great alternatives. The hero in these recipes is fruit, as it never fails to satisfy the sweet craving. For weight management we recommend that you eat these anytime before your last meal of the day. After 5pm tends to "sit on the hip" more than before 5 pm. The only exception to this is fresh fruit that is best-eaten 1 hour after the last meal of the day.


Because modern life is as always unpredictable and we are all time poor, we have taken this into consideration when choosing our listed recipes.

The recipes will be coded with the symbols below to guide you with your choice in accordance to the healthy options+ program that you are following.


For dry / sensitive skin or those with anti-ageing concerns

Feel good

Or normal/dry skin, a healthy maintenance program

Rescue and Clear

For oily/combination skin concerns


See and feel the difference

The good news is that you can make real changes to your skin and to your health. By following the JANESCE recommended daily skin caring ritual, and using your Healthy Options+ guide you will see great results in the way you look, and also in the way you feel.

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