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Grilled Honey Nectarines with Raspberries

Source: Produce by Lynne Mullins pg 114

Extra Info:

This recipe can be adapted to any stone fruit - so simple but a delicious end to a meal. If you have concerns with oily skin simply omit the orange zest, and replace with zest of lemon.

Health Overview:

Gluten Free: yes
Added Sugar: yes
Vegetarian: Yes
Vegan: No
Lactose Free: no


• 6 nectarines halved and stones removed
• 1/3 cup of honey
• 200 gr fresh raspberries
• zest of half a orange
• Greek yoghurt


Drizzle honey over cut surface of nectarines and place on foil lined tray for 5 minutes or until fruit is soft and caramelised. Transfer to a serving platter and pour over cooking juices. Scatter with raspberries and sprinkle with orange rind. Serve with yoghurt.

See and feel the difference

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