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Lunch/Light meal options

While certain cultures sit down to the main meal in the middle of the day (which we applaud because it is great for your digestion)... we are realistic to know that this is not part of the modern life pattern. To sit and eat lunch in a relaxed manner seems to be a luxury. It is usually a quick bite between the lists of activities that consume our day. And for those on shift work...well there are no rules. If you are eating your breakfast at 10pm before your midnight shift, or dinner at 6 am, you probably just seem to grab what you can when you can, and find yourself eating odd combinations at odd hours.

To keep some level of balance in your eating patterns when you are on shift work, it is best to follow a similar pattern of three meals as you would through a normal daytime routine. Try to keep your main meal in the middle of the waking hours. This means that you do not sleep straight after a heavy meal, and the food is more easily digested.

So when looking for healthy options...here are some ideas that we would like to share...


Because modern life is as always unpredictable and we are all time poor, we have taken this into consideration when choosing our listed recipes.

The recipes will be coded with the symbols below to guide you with your choice in accordance to the healthy options+ program that you are following.


For dry / sensitive skin or those with anti-ageing concerns

Feel good

Or normal/dry skin, a healthy maintenance program

Rescue and Clear

For oily/combination skin concerns


See and feel the difference

The good news is that you can make real changes to your skin and to your health. By following the JANESCE recommended daily skin caring ritual, and using your Healthy Options+ guide you will see great results in the way you look, and also in the way you feel.

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